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Top 5 B2C Features that Give B2B Ecommerce Solution a Winning Edge

Around 80% of b2b customers compare the buying and checkout process with b2x platforms and they expect to be equally simple! Read and discover the top b2c features that give b2b ecommerce solution a winning edge!


The B2C and B2B ecommerce models have important differences depending on the demands, as well as, the needs of the target audience. However, the demand of the customers is an easy-to-use platform which makes the shopping experience as smooth as possible. As the customers are used to the user-friendly and simple b2c ecommerce solutions, the same is expected by the customers from a b2b ecommerce solution.

Around 80% of b2b customers compare the buying and the checkout process with b2c platforms and they expect to be equally simple. The b2b platforms usually include more complexities when compared to business-to-consumer platforms.

So, what can you do?

You can upgrade your b2b ecommerce solution with these top 5 b2c features:

  1. Easy Search – Offering easy navigation features and quick search are important as the b2b consumers have various requirements. Once the buyer finds the products on your ecommerce site, they can spend more time on the website searching for more deals, interesting offers, discounted items, and etc. The b2b ecommerce solution should provide easy search for products, exact keywords, product descriptions, features, and etc.
  2. Mobile readiness – There is no doubt that m-commerce is the feature of internet shopping and one way to make your customers happy is by enabling them to shop at any time of the day using any device they want. Mobile readiness of a website has become a necessity for the b2b ecommerce solution platform.
  3. Simple sales process – The customers feel happy when can purchase the item they want in just one click. The simple sales process can help in decreasing the queries from the consumers and result in better ROI.
  4. Facility to offer personalized deals – If you want to create a loyal customer base, and we believe you do, it becomes crucial to make the customers feel appreciated and special. The first step to achieving this is by analyzing the purchase history, order size, and etc. This analysis can be done with a powerful dashboard.
  5. Shipping support – Any ecommerce website is incomplete without a shipping support. If you want to deliver to multiple customers, we highly recommend you to integrate with the best shipping companies on the market.

The way a B2C and B2B platform functions are totally different but offering these above-mentioned features can be helpful in engaging customers!

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