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Top 3 Questions You Must Ask When Purchasing a B2B Wholesale Platform

Have you already found a b2b wholesale platform or you are still looking? Here are top 3 questions to ask when purchasing a b2b wholesale platform!


The B2B digital commerce is becoming more and more popular! Why?

There are many factors nourishing the B2B ecommerce expansion – generating higher conversions, outshining the competition, and etc. One of the most important reasons why b2b industry has become so popular is because consumer-driven ecommerce is not an expectation.

The b2b buyers are also b2c buyers and the every day online shopping experienced have become the norm. Most b2b businesses are adapting modern technologies that will help them scale business processes and meet the buyer demands.

If you are considering implementing, creating or migrating a b2b digital commerce solution, there are top 3 questions you need to ask:

  1. Purchase or create a b2b ecommerce solution? You need to decide if you should create your ecommerce solution or cooperate with a vendor. If you want, you may first try and build your own ecommerce platform so you can maintain flexibility and control. When creating a b2b ecommerce platform you must check if your internal development and IT team have the knowledge and expertise required to deliver what is needed, do they understand the scope of the project, and is there a capacity for the whole project among current priorities? Another option is to work with a vendor. The vendors are professionals in ecommerce area and they are always one step ahead in market needs and innovation. The vendor will provide you with the software and the support you need to establish an online presence.
  2. Should I hire a consultant or B2B ecommerce agency? Building or buying an ecommerce platform is just one of the many complexities involved in b2b e commerce transformation. If you are feeling lost, a b2b digital commerce consultant or agency can guide you through the process. They will access your company needs, conduct competitive analysis, customer research, and rely on the best practices to create a solution for business ecommerce transformation tailored to your needs.
  3. What do I need for implementation of b2b wholesale platform or migration? Once you have chosen a b2b wholesale platform, you need to find someone who can help you with implementation or migration.

The ultimate goal is effective go-to-market time with a great solution that significantly improves customer experience.


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